Let’s give these words a rest in 2023

My annual list of words and expressions to retire in the new year:

Gifting – what is wrong with “giving”?

Umami – Soon Mcdonald’s will tout its special sauce as umami.

Pivot – can’t we just change?

Special sauce – only belongs on a Big Mac

Literally – it never is

Toolbox – should only refer to a box of screwdrivers, wrenches, and such

G.O.A.T.-how about just “the best”?

“Take it offline”– are you going to use carrier pigeons?

Gaslighting – honestly, people are just paranoid

Brainstorming – sounds like a hangover to me

“It is what it is”– Descartes did not say this (o.k. maybe Sartre)

“Reach out”– call, email, or communicate will do

What would you add?

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