• South Carolinians pay a lot for utilities

    The State reports that South Carolinians pay the ninth-highest average residential utility bills in the United States. This ranking was taken from a report by that analyzed data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The average total monthly cost for electricity, gas, water, sewer, trash, internet, phone, and streaming services is $418.23, of which… Continue reading

  • OnPoint on WACH Fox: A profile of Mignon Clyburn

    Local station WACH Fox has a profile of former FCC and PSC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn. Watch it here: Continue reading

  • Michigan State Tragedy

    This morning, I join fellow alumni of “Camp NARUC” at Michigan State’s Institute of Public Utilities in prayer after learning of the terrible shootings on campus last night. Continue reading

  • Give blood!

    The Red Cross urgently needs blood donations. Please make an appointment to give if yo can. Visit the Red Cross website to find a donation center near you. My attorney friends can also join me, @jjpringlesc, and others in the SC Lawyers group on the #RedCrossBloodApp to make a collective impact. Continue reading

  • The Energy Blues

    Came across this gem the other day. Enjoy. Continue reading

  • Emily Felt Has Joined DOE

    We know Emily Felt as the super-smart Director of Strategy & Intelligence for Duke Energy. She participated in countless hearings, planning meetings, and other forums and always had something interesting to say. Now, Emily has a new gig. She is a Senior Consultant to the DOE, where she will be working on the team that… Continue reading

  • NCPUC Releases Carbon Plan

    On December 30, 2022, the NC PUC released its plan to meet the state’s legislatively established carbon reduction goals of 70% from 2005 levels by 2030 and net-zero by 2050 for Duke Energy. Read SACE’s summary of the plan here. Continue reading

  • Let’s give these words a rest in 2023

    My annual list of words and expressions to retire in the new year: Gifting – what is wrong with “giving”? Umami – Soon Mcdonald’s will tout its special sauce as umami. Pivot – can’t we just change? Special sauce – only belongs on a Big Mac Literally – it never is Toolbox – should only… Continue reading

  • Cops bust illegal cabs in Georgetown

    Georgetown Police are cracking down on illegal taxi cabs. ABC News 4 reports two individuals were caught in a dragnet and charged with operating unlicensed taxis. Developing… Continue reading

  • Electric Cooperatives Learning to Manage the Impact of EVs on the Grid

    The Herald reported on a new program implemented by York Electric Cooperative and others to help measure and manage the impact of EV charging on the grid: “Optiwatt is an app that electric vehicle drivers use to manage charging. It automates charge times to reduce costs and strain on area power grids. The California-based company… Continue reading