DMS update to drop next week

PSC practitioners anticipate updates to DMS much as the rest of the world hangs on the latest version of IOS. We just received notice of these new enhancements coming on Monday, July 18th:

  • Removal of the ability to efile in multiple dockets at one time. This change is necessary to reduce duplicate email notifications and incorrect watermarks.
  • Ability to eFile Excel spreadsheets.
  • PDF filings required to be text searchable.
  • Notice of Electronic Filing form updated to include hyperlinks to Docket and files.
  • Efile Coversheet updated to include additional Matter types.
  • E-Filing Status Notification email indicates Rejected Status in red lettering. Hyperlink to Docket added.
  • Duplicate email issue resolved where a Representative represents multiple Parties.
  • Ability to Confirm and View electronic service of Matters and Orders in eService notifications.
  • Added My DMS Help Button with link to the DMS and Efile System Training Videos.
  • Added Docket Number and Description columns on My DMS E-Service Request screens.
  • Calendar view added to the Meetings/Hearings tab.
  • A single NEF Email will be sent at the end of the day when multiple Letters of Protest/Comments have been received in a Docket during that day.

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