PSC Candidates Announced

According to the Public Utilities Review Committee, the following candidates have filed to run for the Public Service Commission.

                  DISTRICT 1:                Paul S. Gawrych  (Mt. Pleasant)

                                                         John E. “Butch” Howard  (Moncks Corner)

                                                         Alvin T. Johnson, Jr.  (Charleston)

                                                         Harry B. Limehouse, III  (Charleston)

                                                         George “Robert” Newman  (Mt. Pleasant)

                                                         Lawrence D. Sullivan  (Summerville)

                                                         Darryle B. Ware  (Summerville)

                                                         Carolee “Carolyn” Williams  (Charleston)

                  DISTRICT 3:               Stephen M. “Mike” Caston  (Clemson) 

                                                         Kevin G. Evans  (Salem)

                                                         Santana D. Freeman  (Abbeville)

                                                         Comer H. “Randy” Randall (Clinton) (I)

                  DISTRICT 5:                Luther P. Hendrix  (Camden)

                                                         Headen B. Thomas  (Rock Hill)

                                                         Stephen R. Thomas  (Fort Mill)

                                                         Swain E. Whitfield  (Winnsboro)

                  DISTRICT 7:               John Q. Atkinson, Jr.  (Marion)

                                                         Alys C. Lawson  (Conway)

                                                         Bonnie D. Loomis  (Murrells Inlet)   

                                                         Thomas G. “Tee” Miller, Jr.  (Georgetown)

                                                         Ted M. Vick  (Pawleys Island)   

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